Paragon review

First post in a series of some short game reviews.

tl;wr – Walking Simulator 2017

So, I played Paragon in July 2017 and I gotta say that it bored me. You like LoL/Dota? Well, it’s like live action Heroes of the Storm. But strip the action. And remove the fun. And awesome support classes. Depending on your class and the situation you have to recall to your base to buy some cards (i. e. items) or to refill potions and hp/mp. Too bad your walking speed is so realistic that you have to take a 5 minute stroll back to the frontline.

Aim’s not really important. It’s more like shooting with pumpguns. Actually you can shoot pumpguns in Paragon.
The card system confuses you the first time but turns out to be just like item systems – juuust less intuitive.
Like in most other mobas, PVE ain’t no challenge. I’ve never lost a single PVE game with randoms.

What really annoyed me is that you can’t just unlock new characters by spending gold or something. No. You gotta log in like 5 days in a row to unlock the next tier of characters and like … 10 days? … to get all of them. After a couple matches I mastered all starter chars and there was no way to play another. I just had to wait days(!) to play some new character … Jesus!

Definitely not worth downloading the ~20 gigs.

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