scheduled features for myXMLsql 1.3.1

myXMLsql 1.3.1 will feature: improved select-syntax (SELECT field1, field2, fieldx FROM table – will lead to an error with 1.3 and earlier versions) improved performance (especially functions that are used more often will be handled first in loops) overall improved SQL syntax support (common SQL syntax should at least not lead to errors) INSERT INTO… scheduled features for myXMLsql 1.3.1 weiterlesen

scheduled features for myXMLsql 1.2.4

* new function myxmlsql_set_auto_increment($val, $table) # requires myxmlsql_connect() # allows to manually set the table’s global auto_increment value * new function myxmlsql_affected_rows($result) # as you know it from MySql * new syntax included: ORDER BY # ORDER BY xy ASC/DESC has been added and will work as expected * syntax improvement # WHERE 1 is… scheduled features for myXMLsql 1.2.4 weiterlesen

myXMLsql 1.2.3 released

So, alle bekannten Bugs sind mit Version 1.2.3 von myXMLsql behoben. Nun sollten auch Umlaute und Sonderzeichen problemlos verwendet werden können. Ich empfehle Seiten mit UTF-8 zu kodieren; bin mir nicht sicher ob es mit ISO 8859-1 auch problemlos läuft. Die neue Version findet ihr wie immer auf Cheers!